How to setup & use selling plans

By Denn Mokaya, Published on March 29, 2022

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How to setup & use selling plans

If you want to sell your products as a subscription, Courses & Memberships app will help you achieve that. There are a few step to be followed to get your shop set up to receive subscription payments

Set up subscriptions

First thing is to set up subscriptions. Click subscriptions on the left menu. You will be present with steps to follow to set up subscriptions. These are important, follow all the steps to properly set up subscriptions on your shop.

Create Selling plan groups & selling plans

A selling plan is simply as set of settings that define the subscription. Settings like, the name, the billing frequency, the discount etc.

A Selling plan group is a set of related selling plans.

Click on subscription plans on the left menu. click subscription plan

What you'll see listed on this page are selling plan groups. On your store front, properly set up selling plan group & selling plan appear like this:

How it'll look like

Click on +Subscription Plan to get started Click on add subscription

The selling plan has a few settings that are important to understand for you to use effectively. Here’s the store-front appearance that will help in better understanding.

Store-front explanation

Settings and their meaning

Setting Description
Selling plan Name Name of this plan. Only you will see this e.g Basic plan
Tag Used to identify which selected this plan customers e.g basic_monthly
Description This is what this plan offers. It will appear on the product page whenever a user selects a plan.
This is a prepaid plan Makes this plan prepaid when checked and postpaid when unchecked.
Deliver after Every When will your order be fulfilled? e.g 1 Month
Bill after every When do you want your customer to be billed? e.g 1 Month
Day when customer is charged If your plan is prepaid you can choose a particular date or day a customer will be charged. e.g Same as initial order, or pick a date if its monthly or a day if its weekly
Plan selector label What will your customer see on the plan itself in your store front? e.g charge/Bill every
Plan selector label value (Charge/Bill every) Another custom value e.g Month or Week or year
Discount type What kind of discount do you want to give?
Maximum subscriptions How many times would you like your customer to be billed for this product? After this they will not be billed again. If left unset the customer will continue to be billed till they cancel or you cancel it.
Minimum subscriptions What is the least number of billing cycles that should occur before a customer can cancel their subscription? If left unset they can cancel any time.

Edit / Add / Archive Selling plan

After creation you can easily edit and update the selling plan by selecting the Selling plan Tab If you’d have different subscription options for a particular product, you can add them by adding another selling plan

update selling plan

Product with many selling plans

Here’s the store appearance of a product with multiple selling plans in a group

update selling plan

Edit / Archive Selling plan group

Incase you want to edit the name of your selling plan group, you can do so from the Settings tab

update selling plan

Linking Selling plan group to a product

For your subscription plans to take effect, you must link the selling plan group to a product

update selling plan

Linking Digital content to a selling plan

It’s very likely that you would like your customers to access a course, or digital download (referred to as content ) when they purchase a product. Or that you are actually selling digital products via subscription.

To give access to content in your selling plan group, you need to link the content to it. Click the content tab and + Content.

update selling plan

With this setup, whenever a customer subscribes to the Online marketing 5 month course yearly variant they will have access to the online Marketing Yearly course.

Finally Manage customer subscriptions

update selling plan

You can manage your customers subscriptions by clicking Subscriptions on the side menu. This will give you a list of subscription contracts which you can click on and manage individually. Click view and subscription details will be displayed.

update selling plan

Here’s what you’ll see.

update selling plan

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