How we came up with a simple marketing strategy for our app

By Denn Mokaya, Published on April 28, 2022

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How we came up with a simple marketing strategy for our app

Get out of your comfort zone

One of the most challenging things is to get out of one's comfort zone.

Our team was faced with this recently when the product we were building needed a marketing boost. The entire team has 2 people. Both are engineers.

Some reflection and analysis revealed the main reason for slow growth. The lack of marketing. A little more research showed what marketing can do to a product like ours. Limited resources meant that we could not hire a professional. But someone had to do it.

I took up the challenge. Not to be a marketer for the product, but to research and see what a novice can do, to make an impact. Hours went into research, watching you-tube videos and learning new tools.

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Take practical steps

I acquired much knowledge on simple things that small teams can do to market their product. I tested some of the tools. Did email AB testing. Created marketing graphics & videos. Updated the home page with new graphics and text with relevant key words. Made simple & functional the blog linked to the home page. And Created professional email signatures.

Then came the important part. Planning and brain-storming. We needed to come up with a structure for a sustainable marketing routine for a team of developers. Not marketers!

Some practical things were:

  • Write 2 blogs a week
  • 3 posts on twitter & Instagram a week
  • Send on-boarding emails on install
  • Send survey emails on uninstall
  • Send periodic email updates to users about features & updates to keep them engaged.
  • Make the website and blog search engine optimized.
  • Send targeted emails to users having difficulty, offering support
  • Use Google Analytics to measure results weekly.
  • Requested for customer reviews after support & and from happy customers.

On-boarding & out-boarding emails were eventually automated. The blogs are growing in number and quality. The team is now more intentional about updating users about new features. And the plan is, to do our best in sticking to the simple marketing plan, until we can afford a professional.

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Lasting Impact

The impact was not to be immediate, but it is set to be long lasting. We are building our online presence slowly but surely. I wish we had done this from the start. Even an erratic adherence to this plan would still be of more value than doing nothing at all.

The updates on the home page yielded more site visits, longer stays. and more installs! The new YouTube video got a few hundred views. We got incredible insight from a customer on why they uninstalled the app. One customer re-installed the after receiving the uninstall email. Another customer revealed a lacking feature that we implemented and they came back. The list is still growing. Here's a cusomer review we got:

Inflowkit is an awesome app that allows you to seamlessly add course content and memberships to your Shopify store with absolute ease! We have used software in the past that cost us a couple of hundred dollars a month that didn't allow us to start small whilst trying to get our courses selling. We ended up out of pocket whilst trying to figure out our marketing and everything else that comes with new product launches. I HIGHLY recommend Inflowkit, especially to anybody starting out with their courses/memberships. Customer support is also EXCELLENT. We had a few queries with set up at the start and Eric and his team went seriously above and beyond in helping us! We look forward to growing using Inflowkit! 10/10 app!! Happy we found it! :)

Start small

Are you a small team? Don't be afraid to start small. Even in online marketing. Do what you can, digital footprints left online will always lead back to your product. That's what digital marketing is to me. Leaving so many digital footprints that lead back to your product, that any relevant search finds you first. Soon you'll be so popular that others will help put footprints online for you.

After all that, I am not an online marketer. But I am no longer blind to the importance of online marketing & I know enough to get started. And now, you do too.

Visit Inflowkit here & checkout our product live in the market place.

Denn Mokaya

Software engineer at InflowKit. A family man that Loves and lives life. Loves nature and the out doors. Loves writing and DIY stuff.

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