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By Denn Mokaya, Published on April 22, 2022

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Online Shops no longer only sell physical products. Now there’s a new breed of merchants that want to sell online courses on their Shopify shops. Are you that kind of merchant? Do you want to use your Shopify store to sell educational content like courses, or run an online school? Then this is for you.

Why shopify?

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First things first. Many merchants don’t want to waste time & money building building an online store. It’s just too much. They want to sell & Shopify makes it easy for them to focus on selling and marketing their products. Shopify has:

  • Integrated checkout system.
  • Order management
  • Product management
  • Ability to customize your storefront
  • Many storefront themes
  • An app store with many plugins or apps

Shopify does not support creation of digital content, much less the selling of it! So the last point is what makes it possible to sell courses on it, ‘Its many plugins.’

Need for a plugin

What makes IOS and Android so popular is their app store. The place where you can get an app for almost anything you need. Shopify has that too. The Shopify app store has apps that can turn a store into an online school. Giving you the ability to create, and sell courses, digital downloads, videos, & webinars. Some apps on the store that support these features include:

  1. Courses
  2. Thinkific
  3. Sky pilot
  4. Courses & Memberships

They all have varied features and different advantages. We’ll focus on Courses & Memberships. Why? Because it is the app with the best, most appealing and practical features to sell online course. We’ll see 11 reasons why.

Courses & Memberships

This shopify app or plugin supports:

1. Creating online courses

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It has an intuitive interface that is easy to use and to customize for different functions. It has a block editor that allows you to add:

  • Text
  • Custom videos
  • Audio
  • Youtube & vimeo videos
  • Digital downloads
  • Html etc

It also has a simple outline with chapters and pages that can be used to group lessons.

2. Creating Quizzes

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Learning is not complete without quizzes! You can create quizzes on this app and you can use this as a way to limit or enable progress to the next module. Some quiz features include:

  • Question description
  • Adding images to questions
  • Multiple choices
  • Limited number of retakes

3. Create live classes

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Courses & memberships has zoom seamlessly integrated for live classes. You can link this to your zoom account and take advantage of zoom features on your plan.

  • You can set email reminders to students before class begins
  • Students can join the class from the course page
  • Recorded classes are hosted on the course page for future students if you please.

4. Dripping chapters

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The app also supports course dripping. Which means that students can access chapters after a certain number of days. This is quite useful if you want your students to move at your pace. Once set, the dripping works for all new enrollments.

5. Subscriptions

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This is the hot feature of this age. You don’t need an external app; this feature is well implemented in the courses & memberships app. You can add your course to a subscription plan and give access to your customers for as long as they pay for it.

6. Themes

You can also make your school match your shopify store theme.

7. Student dashboard on your site

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One of the most important features of the app is that your students have access to their courses right on your website, in your domain! There’s no redirect to another website, nope. Your audience will remain on your domain the entire time they access your courses!

8. Support for Multiple languages

You can customize your student dashboard to match their native language.

9. Certificates

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The app enables merchants to award engaged students with downloadable certificates. These are automatically sent to their emails.

10. Mobile friendliness

Most users consume online content through their devices. The courses & memberships app’s interface is mobile friendly. Enabling users to comfortably take your course from any device.

11. Great support

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The app is also constantly receiving new feature updates. Customer feature requests are also considered as important.

You know what’s better than good software? It's a great support team! This shopify plugin has an even better support team that is always ready to help merchants get up and selling.


Come on, try Courses & Memberships app by Inflowkit today and turn your shopify store into an online school!

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